so here’s a list of STEM related resources that I compiled, enjoy :-)

Last Updated: 5 Jun., 2018

Part 1: Video Tutorials, MOOCs, and FOSS Technical Literature


  • Crash Course (youtube), (twitter), (tumblr), (facebook), (instagram): arguably the best ten-minute STEM lecture content producer on YouTubes. They also do videos on the liberal arts and humanities.
  • The Royal Society (website), (youtube), (twitter), (facebook): a really popular “learnt society” over in the UK. Offers interesting speakers and content from scientists all over the world, past and present.

Data Science, Machine Learning & AI


Computing & Hacking

  • Louis Rossmann (youtube), (twitter), (instagram): this bloke does critiques of Apple computers and other videos concerning IT.
  • The Linux Documentation Project (website): really, really great resource for those of you getting into Linux system administrator scene.


Physical Sciences