Kevin Logan is a self-described feminist, socialist and antifascist who makes political YouTube videos in his spare time. While I don’t agree with him 100 per cent of the time, I do enjoy watching his content. On the summer of 2017, his channel was suspended due to a mass false flagging campaign. It’s pretty fucked up that Logan got suspended due to the fact that he’s really open minded–to the point that he’ll even have a discussion with Warcorpse!

Kevin Logan has challenged many liberals, right-wing libertarians, anti-feminists, and even some radical feminists on their positions; and challenged all of us to think critically about our beliefs. To preserve his work, I’m gonna join the Kevolution and mirror his videos in the event that his channels get suspended again.

At the moment, I only mirrored a few videos from him in a low quality video format (cos’ my keybase file server has a 10GB limit :P). Hopefully, that’ll change in the future. ;-) These videos are avaliable for download in the .webm format and I recommend the VLC Player to watch them.

#Kevolution #FreeKevin

Archived Episodes

Video Title Description
Channel Trailer (http download) no description
Is white genocide real? (http download) Rocking Mr.E has a question for us all…. a really dumb question!
Om nom nom nom nom (http download) Ironing board nom noms FTW!
The Amazing Atheist Manbaby strikes again! (http download) Teej really is a scumbag!
The youtube skeptics embracing of Tommy Robinson and the EDL (http download) Tommy Robinson is not a man of logic or reason, so don’t fucking support him!
Warcorpse1488 (http download) Warcorpse and the meaning of words, is never a good combination!
The sexist Whovians get political (http download) If the daleks can’t take down the doctor, what makes them think a shitty petition can?
A mental AF message from an AnCap douche! (http download) The youtube private message service is largely pointless, but just occasionally, a gem arrives.
The descent of Man-osphere - Episode 17 - Bearing (http download) The sweary bear gets the Logan treatment!
A reading from the book of Warcorpse - Kissing and shiting the stars (Part one) (http download) Our first look at the literary genius of Warcorpse666!!!!
A reading from the book of Warcorpse - Kissing and shiting the stars (Part two) (http download) A second slice of the literary brilliance of Warcorpse666, the guy who Shakespeare could have been… had he been really shit at writing!