Last Updated: 18 Aug., 2018

Personal Information


Junior level computer technician, systems administrator, IT support specialist and programmer. Currently looking for an entry level IT or clerical job.


  • IT Support: Networking, Routing & Switching, Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Windows, Linux, Virtualization, VirtualBox, VMware, VirtualBox, Troubleshooting, Documentation, Database Administration
  • Cybersecurity: Risk Management, Cryptography, Identity Management, System Hardening
  • Programming Languages: some IA-32 assembly, C/C++, C#, Mathematica, Python, PowerShell, bash shell, SQL, VBScript
  • Applied Sciences: Technical Writing, Regression Analysis, Optimization, Quantitative Genetics, Modelling Theory


Volunteer Work

  • Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen (Jul. 2018—Present)
    • Tasks Include: Making and Bagging Sandwiches, Greeting Guests at Front Door, Emptying Trays and Rubbish Disposal
  • Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen (Dec. 2015—Dec. 2015)
    • Emptying Trays and Rubbish Disposal


The New Life School, Bronx, NY; NYS-Regents Diploma; Jun. 2015

Selected Certifications

Selected Coursework

Selected Papers

Selected Projects

  • Theoretical Minimum: this is my work as a university student. It consists of work that I have done both formally and informally. Some key projects include:
    • Project Euler: a set of my solutions to—mostly number theory and discrete maths based—programming problems.


  • English (native proficiency)


throughbred handicapping, statistics, recreational hacking, philosophy (epistemology, ethics), physics, youth empowerment, disablity rights, heterodox economics, animation