For those of you into the whole anarchist/hacker scene, you may have heard about Lauri Love. Lauri is a British-Finnish physicist [1], computer scientist [2], and activist who is accused of hacking into United States government computers. The U.S. wants to have Lauri extradited (unfairly, might I add) and have him tried in a U.S. based court.

Image Source: @NoLove4USGov Twitter Feed

Timeline [3]

  • 25 January 2013: Online protest #OpLastResort begins.
  • 23 October 2013: The district of New Jersey files a two count indictment against Lauri.
  • 21 February 2014: The southern district of New York files an indictment against Lauri.
  • 24 October 2016: Over 100 British MPs signed a letter requesting that Lauri’s extradition will be dropped.
  • 28 November 2016: Lauri’s legal team applies for an appeal.
  • 29-30 November 2017: Lauri is appealing against his extradition.

Problems with Extradition

Lauri suffers mainly from Aspergers syndrome [4] which is taking a massive toll on his mental health [5]. The Stanford Prison Experiment illustrated how inmates with (presumably) normal functioning minds can go mad when subjected to an American prison; you can only imagine how someone with Aspergers would feel in such an environment. Also, psychologist and autism expert Simon Baron-Cohen stated that:

”[Lauri’s] mental health is so dependent upon being at home with his parents that being detained for an indefinite period in an American prison system he would experience a deterioration in his mental health so much that he would no longer be able to impose any restraint on his behaviour to stop him committing suicide.”–see note [6]

Further Reading

Also, you can follow Twitter users @NatskuLove, @jamesdoleman, @lexanderjmartin and @JanisSharp for news concerning Lauri.

Take Action

If you’re an American, the best you can do is donate to his fund. If you’re British or in Europe, you also have the power to annoy your representatives until they act on this. However, the best thing you can do regardless of where you are in the world is to support Lauri on social media and spread the message.


  1. He seems to know his stuff, check out his brief thoughts on the topic here and here.
  2. He was employed by Hacker House for a short while, and @hackerfantastic found him to be very talented at his job.
  3. This is basically an abridged version of the Courage Foundation’s timeline.
  4. See BBC article: for more information.
  5. Trust me, as a guy who also happens to be an aspie, I know what it’s like & how it feels.
  6. See telegraph article: for more information.

NOTE: this post is incomplete, has NOT been subjected to peer review and–therefore–is suspect to mistakes and errata, please contact me if you spot any. Also, this page IS NOT officially endorsed by Lauri. Visit his official Courage Foundation website. Thank you!