The Princess of Particle Physics, Pontificating Pseudoscientist, Countess of Cybercrime, Condescending Cypherpunk and an amateur analyst who adores alliterations... well... at least according to my Twitter bio ;-)

Okay, in all seriousness, I'm a data analyst, computer programmer and university student. At the moment, I'm majoring in a generic STEM subject called 'Liberal Arts Math and Science' over at the LaGuardia Community College, but do plan to transition to a bachelors degree involving aerospace engineering and mechanics, or just general physics. I'm knowledgeable with the Python, C/C++, Mathematica and C# languages, basic statistical procedures (like sampling theory and regression analysis), and a number of maths topics that slip off the tounge for STEM undergrads in their sophomore year. I'm very passionate about topics relating to science and technology, as well as fields relating to current events. Have fun looking around my website!

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Feel free to contact me with your questions, or just to say hello! I always like hearing from others :D

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Professional Email: [email protected] (keybase/pgp key)

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I was briefly involved Office and IT training/internship programme at the Institute for Career Development; and I have previous experience as a busboy from the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen.


  • Theoretical Minimum: this is a collection of my work as an 'amateur' and 'professional' undergrad student; i.e. being formally trained and self-taught in undergrad level material.

Selected Coursework

Model Thinking An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling for the Physical and Social Sciences
Using Python for Research Application of Python to research projects

Other Stuff